Dan Barker is a content engineer and consultant in online publishing with more than twenty years’ experience in scholarly publishing. Since 1997 Dan has worked with editors, publishers, scholars and technical and marketing staff to help bring high-quality, high-value, authoritative content to the web: sites he has been involved with include the Oxford English Dictionary Online, the Oxford Dictionary of National Biography, the Berg Fashion Library, Drama Online, and the Churchill Archive.

Dan combines technical understanding of data and the web with editorial and publishing awareness, together with knowledge of the market and creative flair, and is adept at communicating specialised and technical issues to people in all roles. He is able to analyse the content destined for online publication to determine its shape, how it should be structured, and what should be built into it to enhance its value; he can then both advise on how the desired outcome can be achieved, and help to produce it when technical processes are required.

Dan is fluent in French, Spanish and Portuguese (with a first-class honours degree in Portuguese and French), has conversational German, tourist Italian, can order food and read road signs in Malay, and can be politely regretful in Japanese.

Dan Barker